21 days of prayer & Fasting

Each Sunday, we will post on this page with prayer points for the week's focus:

Week 1 Focus: Here 

Week 2: Focus: Near 

Week 3: Focus: Far 

Week 3 Focus: FAR

This week we pray for our international partners, the four places in God’s big world that we are investing and participating in various ways. Each of these requests comes directly from our partners. You can pray for each of them every day or select a country or two to focus on each day. We are so grateful we can pray for them together!

1. Laurie Dickerson – Fort Portal Uganda – New Life Church, Sweet Aromas Bakery

Pray for Laurie - 

  • Wisdom in navigating the next best steps as the ministry is transferred to Ugandans in the next 2-3 yrs.
  • Ability to discern motivations of those asking for help.
  • Strength in the overseeing of the building of the house.

Pray for the overall ministry -

  • Favor with the local government officials to get our CBO registration.
  • Strength and connection with God for Gerald as he takes more and more of the leadership.

Pray for the Bakery and its employees -

  • Assimilation of new employee, Sheli.
  • Monica, long time employee (5 yrs) is leaving to have her baby. Pray for safe delivery and strength/wisdom in raising a child.
  • Business to pick up - travelers to continue coming.

Pray for New Life Church and its leaders -

  • Wisdom/insight for leadership team.
  • New believer Julian to grow in her relationship with Jesus.
  • For members of the church to be the church in their everyday lives.
  • Breakthrough in worship times at church.
  • New Bible study beginning Jan 19.

Pray for Fort Portal -

  • Price of petrol (gas) has just gone up to $7 a gallon - raises the prices on everything. May people turn their eyes on Jesus in their need.
  • Schools have just reopened after 2 years. Encouragement for parents as they try to find ways to pay their children’s tuition.
  • Striking down of corruption on government level in the city.

2. Chacalte, Guatemala – the People and Village Leaders

  • Pray for the different projects that are planned for this year 2022, especially for the circulation of the classrooms that were built by Expand Hope and the distribution of stoves and chickens donated by Evergreen church.
  • Pray for sources of income for each of the families since they have to contribute financially and help with unqualified labor for the execution of the projects.
  • Prayer for the new leadership of the community so that they can make good decisions when prioritizing the needs at the community level specifically this year.
  • Prayer for the health of the families of the community since they are exposed to any disease, whether it is covid-19 or another. Also they have gratitude to God for the relationship with the sponsoring church, that God blesses the life of each member.

3. Homes of Hope, Mexico YWAM

Baja Base:

  • Wisdom in leadership decisions.
  • The right resources to be released for our ministry.
  • Growth in the lives of our people.
  • Provision of administrative staff at our San Diego Office.

For the Ensenada YWAM Base:

  • Pray for our outreach teams all over Mexico.
  • Pray for new ministries that we are starting up in the community based around skills training and adult education. Carpentry training and IT courses. 
  • Resources for our beachfront property that is being built. 
  • God would be glorified through all we do.

4. Marc and Kathy Shaw – Serving Austria and the North Balkan Region

Consisting primarily of Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Servia, Slovenia, and other parts of Europe as requested. They retain this focused ministry with extended missions trips to the area and by electronic connection, after having moved their headquarters from Vienna to Snohomish County.

Please pray for:

  • The encouragement for our isolated and distant Foursquare Pastors in this region.
  • The multiplication of healthy Foursquare Churches into a self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating movement of Jesus-focused, life giving churches.
  • Missions partners to come alongside and encourage and strengthen these pastors and churches.
  • Help with a bee business, employing church members and moving the church toward financial independence from outside sources.
  • For the Holy Spirit to continue revealing cultural keys, wisdom and empowerment for mass evangelism.
  • For God to raise up a new generation willing to commit to ministries of multiplying eternal life and Kingdom mindedness.

Pray for the Shaw family:

  • Kathy: had Vaccine and 4 1/2 months later Covid. She was sick for 2-3 weeks and it took some time to recover. Has had some side effects from one of them: Mild Bell's Palsy, and some eye issues. Just recovering from Sciatica and foot injury..sheesh! 
  • Our oldest son's wife’s grandmother just passed away. The family must travel from the islands for the funeral with small children and quarantine and schooling issues.
  • Our youngest son’s family dealing with Covid infection. 1 Son, 9, and foster child of 3 yrs.
  • For our family to draw ever closer to our amazing Savior, Jesus, through this season.
  • For financial team member support. Some have felt that by moving our headquarters back to the U.S., we are not now “real” missionaries and have dropped support. We are down about 1/3 from our needed living and ministry budget.
  • Marc is committed to continual growth through education in the area of his life-time calling and is praying for finances to finish his university degree work in Global Pastoral Leadership.
  • Marc has said yes to a temporary, part-time interim pastor position at a nearby Foursquare Church until a pastor can be found. Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and empowerment to help this church transition, increasing in health and stability.

Foursquare 21 Days of Prayer Guide

Foursquare Family Moments Prayer Guide

Why do we fast? 

Simplify: We eliminate something from our lives that frees up more time to pray or prompts us to pray more frequently. 

Sacrifice: We eliminate something from our lives that frees up resources that we can share with others. 

Ways to fast: 

Eliminate all food for a day a week, a meal a day, etc. 

Eliminate all eating out, take out, etc. 

Eliminate a favorite or frequent food for you. 

Eliminate media consumption or cut by sacrificial amount. 

Eliminate all treat foods. 

Any other version that Jesus prompts you to do! Ask Him!