At Evergreen, we believe our lives are meant to be experienced in a diverse community. Through one of the many Small Groups, we hope that you can find "your people" - the people you can call at 3am, and who know your story. 

See below for our Fall 2022 Small Groups, and some additional groups open year-round!

Questions? Contact Assistant Pastor, Nathalia Corso, at [email protected].


    What’s better than food and new friends? 

    We are launching a new kind of small group experience called Family Dinners! On 4 different Sunday evenings, we will have a variety of host families looking forward to meeting you and your family! We invite you to sign up for one or more Family Dinner experiences! 

    Family Dinner Time: Sundays, 5:00 - 6:30pm

    Kids welcome! Please indicate on the registration form if you are bringing kiddos. =) That will help us to be prepared to welcome your whole family! 

    Family Dinner Dates:

    October 2nd

    October 16th

    November 6th

    November 13th

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  • Women's Small Group - Fall 2022

    Fall Study:

    The Hard Good: Showing Up for God to Work in You When You Want to Shut Down

    What does it feel like to come back from something hard, to be able to hope again? Hard things are a part of life. Yet they don’t have to have the final word. They can become the keys to our greatest usability in the kingdom of God—that is, if we let God make good of them, rather than running away and refusing the growth we truly crave.

    If we’re weary of being bossed by our emotions, the hard good can help bring a new way of living with healthy, managed emotions. Where we were once stuck in a place of what if, the transformational process God takes us through provides a compelling shift of perspective to what is. It is the way we not only come back from hard things but also emerge with a richer life.

    Groups first meet the week of October 3rd and end the week of November 14th.


    Multiple group times are available!

    Monday Evening

    Leaders: Toni Clark & Kristi Rhodes

    Time: 6:30pm to 8pm

    Tuesday Morning

    Time: 9:30am – 11am*

    Group 1

    Leaders: Jacque Plater & Lisa Ross

    Group 2

    Leaders: Laura Peterson & Angela Straw

    Group 3

    Leaders: Laura Adams & Candie Ittner

    * KidCare Available

    Tuesday Evening

    Leaders: Julie Crays & Molly Bronson

    Time: 6:30pm to 8pm

    Wednesday Evening   

    Leaders: Debbi Countryman & Tricia Patterson

    Time: 6:30pm to 8pm


    Cost: $20 for book & study

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  • men's groups

    Tuesday Morning Men's Group

    (SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer & Conversation)


    Leaders: Jon Kellerman

    Location: Insomnia Coffee by 53rd Park | 5389 E Main St, Hillsboro

    Time: Every other Tuesday, 6:15am - 7:30am

    Start Date: October 4th

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

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    Tuesday Evening Men's Group

    King David’s Life and Songs.

    Explore key moments in David’s life and the songs (psalms) he wrote to express his thoughts and feelings through those times. David was transparent and relatable! Ending each time in worship and prayer

    Leaders: Tom Taylor & Misionare Misa

    Location: Tom’s Lobby | 4660 NE Belknap Ct. #201, Hillsboro

    Time: Every other Tuesday, 7:00pm – 8:15pm

    Start Date: October 4th

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

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    Wednesday Men's Group

    (SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer & Conversation)


    Leaders: Carl Bronson & Carlos Gomez

    Location: Jersey Girl Pizza | 3183 NW Glencoe Rd, Hillsboro

    Time: Every other Wednesday, 6:35pm – 7:50pm

    Start Date: October 5th

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

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    Thursday Men's Group

    (SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer & Conversation)


    Leaders: Scott Thomas

    Location: Noble Hops | 370 Main St, Hillsboro

    Age: 21+ Group

    Time: Every other Thursday, 7:00pm – 8:15pm

    Start Date: October 6th

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

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  • affinity groups

    See below.


    Relevant topics and authentic conversation as we find and follow Jesus together. 


    Nathalia Corso

    Time: Every other Tuesday 6:30pm on Zoom

    Periodic in-person hangouts

    Contact College Pastor, Nathalia Corso, at [email protected].



    This is an opportunity for women to connect, cheer one another on in our journey, and try new things together! Each month a different adventure will be posted with the date, time, place, what you will need and the place to meet with an online link to sign up for it. If you want to receive a personal invite for each month’s adventure with a link to sign up, click here. You can be part of one or many adventures—your choice! Every adventure will be beginner-friendly.

    Leaders: Dena Heath & Chelsea Rice

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  • Men's Monday night football

    Guys, are you ready for some football?

    Leaders: Alan Caviness & Matt Johnson

    Location: Old Chicago

    11460 NE Evergreen Pkwy, Ste A, Hillsboro, OR 97006

    Age: 21+ Group

    Time: Every other Monday after kick-off! (5:30pm)

    Questions? [email protected]

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  • crafter's delight

    Open Group, Sign up anytime!

    Want to get crafty, save some memories and meet new friends? Come scrapbook and craft with us! First-timers to veterans to everyone in between are welcome!

    Leader: Susan Ruston

    Location: Evergreen

    Time: First Wednesday of each month


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    There is no cost for this class.

  • breast friends

    Come join us in a relaxed, comfortable, caring environment to interact with other ladies who have been recently diagnosed, going through treatment or have completed their treatment. 

    Leader: Debbie Vuylsteke

    Location: Zoom

    Time: Every Third Wednesday


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    Nine weeks of instruction, coaching and encouragement with others who want to

    experience greater peace, provision, and freedom in their finances.

    Check back in January for the next Financial Peace University group! Click below to sign up for updates on this group!

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  • grief share

    It hurts to lose someone. Leaders, Joel & Lara Peterson will help you in your journey towards joy.

    Check back in January for the next GriefShare group! Click below to sign up for updates on this group!

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