We are better together! 

At Evergreen, we believe our lives, families, and faith journeys are meant to be experienced in community. Through one of the many Small Groups at Evergreen, we hope that you can find "your people" - the people you can call at 3am, and who know your story. 

See below for our Winter & Spring 2022 Small Groups, and some additional groups open year-round!

Groups Available in a variety of In-Person / Online / Hybrid formats.

Questions? Contact Assistant Pastor, Nathalia Corso, at [email protected].

  • women growing together groups

    8 week Book Clubs & Bible Studies!

    Groups launch in January and September!

    Spring 2022 Book Clubs:

    "Find Your People" by Jeannie Allen

    Groups Meet week of May 9th and end the week of June 27th.

    In "Find Your People", best-selling author Jennie Allen draws on fascinating insights from science and history, timeless biblical truth, and vulnerable stories from her own life to help you: Overcome the barriers to making new friends and learn to initiate with easy-to-follow steps.


    Two group times available!

    Tuesdays @ 9:30-11am @ Evergreen

    Wednesday @ 6:30pm - 8pm @ Evergreen


    Cost: $16 for Book

    Registration closed May 9th, groups begin May 10th!


    An Evergreen community experience: With God & With Each other

    Let's grow together.


    Sundays, 4pm-5:30pm

    Starting February 27, 2022


    In-Person at Evergreen

    Table groups all together in the auditorium! 

    Zoom option will be available for those who cannot meet in person. 


    KidCare provided, Birth-6th Grade


        $15 (if you buy your own book/ebook)

        $30 (Evergreen provides book)

    This includes 2 community meals, group materials, & KidCare. 

    Open to everyone, including eYouth!

    Group options available for Mixed Groups (Men & Women), Women Only, Men Only, and Mixed Group on Zoom!

    Registration Closed | Check back Fall 2022 for fresh small group opportunities! 

    Questions? Contact [email protected]

  • starting point

    8 week small group conversation about faith

    For the curious, the skeptic, the doubter, the Christian interested in articulating and sharing their faith. 

    Everything that exists had a starting point . . . including you. You may have started on purpose. You may have started by accident (from your parent’s perspective). You may even have started through the magic of medical science. Whatever the circumstances, you had a starting point and it began before you were aware of it. Physical life is one of many starting points. Your formal education had a starting point. Your career had a starting point. Your romantic life had a starting point. Your experience as a parent had a starting point. Faith has a starting point as well.



    Check back for fresh Starting Point groups in January and September!

  • men's groups

    See below.

  • men's soap group

    Join us as we enjoy coffee and SOAP!

    (SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer & Conversation)

    Leader: Carlos Gomez

    Location: Ava in Orenco Station

    Time: Every other Thursday


    (In-Person with current CDC Guidelines.)

    Start Date: October 7th

    Interested? CLICK HERE
  • men's group

    Connecting for friendship and to enjoy spiritual blessings together. We’ll discuss a scripture we have read ahead of time and share what we observed and how it can be applied. All opinions or questions are welcome, as we are a ‘thinking group’, we’re not promoting ‘group think’!

    Leader: Tom Taylor

    Location: Restaurant/Coffee shop (contact for location)

    Time: Every other Saturday


    Every 3rd gathering is an activity, starting with Top Golf on November 13th! 

    (In-Person with current CDC Guidelines.)

    Start Date: October 16th

    Interested? CLICK HERE
  • men's group

    Being a Disciple: Following, Transforming, On Mission.

    Leader: Jared Roth

    Location: Dutch Bros 2991 SE 73rd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123

    Time: 2nd & 4th Wednesday


    (In-Person with current CDC Guidelines.)

    Start Date: October 13th

    Interested? CLICK HERE

    This group is for any guy who wants to find freedom from the effects of unwanted sexual behaviors and betrayal. This course will show how shame and grace affect the healing process and get you started on the path to sexual health.

    Thursdays, 7pm–8:30pm on Zoom

    Start Date: October 14th

    Registration Open through October 21st

    Cost: Participants will need to order the $20 Sexual Integrity 101 Workbook from

    Interested? CLICK HERE


    A group of people who decide to do life together: Sharing how the weekend message applies in their lives, caring for each other in practical ways, and praying for one another, in an environment of fun and realness. (The definition of fun varies from person to person :-)

    This Week's Life Group Questions

    See groups below.

  • life group: McGrory

    Leaders: Ryan & Jennifer McGrory

    Location: North Plains (Email leaders for address)

    Time: 1st & 3rd Sunday


    Hybrid: In-Person, Zoom-In options Available

    In-Person with current CDC Guidelines.

    Start Date: October 17th

    Interested? CLICK HERE

  • life group: minter

    Leaders: Dennis & Lynn Minter

    Location: Minter Home (Hillsboro) - Contact for address.

    Time: 1st & 3rd Sunday


    HYBRID: Rotating In-Person & Zoom gatherings

    In-Person with current CDC Guidelines.

    Start Date: October 24th

    1st & 3rd Sunday starting in November

    Childcare stipend available upon request. If we meet the number threshold for kids, childcare options on-site at Evergreen will be made available. 

    Interested? CLICK HERE

  • life group: pattillo

    Leaders: Roy & Lisa Pattillo

    Location: Forest Grove (Email leaders for address)

    Time: 1st & 3rd Monday


    In-Person with current CDC Guidelines.

    Start Date: November 1st

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  • affinity groups

    See below.


    Relevant topics and authentic conversation as we find and follow Jesus together. 


    Nathalia Corso

    Rhett Ybarra

    Delaney Ybarra

    Time: Every other Tuesday 6:30pm on Zoom

    Periodic in-person hangouts

    Follow on Instagram @evergreencollegegroup or contact College Pastor, Nathalia Corso, at [email protected].


    Nine weeks of instruction, coaching and encouragement with others who want to

    experience greater peace, provision, and freedom in their finances.

    Check back in September for the next Financial Peace University group! 

  • grief share

    It hurts to lose someone. Leaders, Joel & Lara Peterson will help you in your journey towards joy. 

    Leaders: Joel & Laura Peterson

    Location: Evergreen

    In-Person with current CDC Guidelines.

    Time: 6:30pm

    Start Date: Check back in September for the next Grief Share group! 

    Cost: $20

    Interested? CLICK HERE



    This is an opportunity for women to connect, cheer one another on in our journey, and try new things together! Each month a different adventure will be posted with the date, time, place, what you will need and the place to meet with an online link to sign up for it. If you want to receive a personal invite for each month’s adventure with a link to sign up, click here. You can be part of one or many adventures—your choice! Every adventure will be beginner-friendly.

    Leaders: Ann Roth, Dena Heath, & Mary Gildenmeister

    Click here to register


    Open Group, Sign up anytime!

    Want to get crafty, save some memories and meet new friends? Come scrapbook with us! First-timers to veterans to everyone in between are welcome!


    First Wednesday of each month; 6:30pm–8:00pm @ Evergreen

    Interested? CLICK HERE


    There is no cost for this class.

  • breast friends

    Come join us in a relaxed, comfortable, caring environment to interact with other ladies who have been recently diagnosed, going through treatment or have completed their treatment. 

    Leader: Debbie Vuylsteke

    Location: Zoom

    Time: Every Third Wednesday


    Interested? CLICK HERE