At Evergreen, we believe our lives are meant to be experienced in a diverse community. Through one of the many Small Groups, we hope that you can find "your people" - the people you can call at 3am, and who know your story. 

See below for our Winter 2023 Small Groups, and some additional groups open year-round!

Questions? Contact Assistant Pastor, Nathalia Corso, at [email protected].

  • marriage groups

    About Us In Mind:

    In Us In Mind: How Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Marriage, you will discover through Scripture, research, and neuroscience an ironically simple way of rethinking how you see your marriage. You will focus on just five intentional thoughts which are designed to help you love well, even when it's not easy:

    • What do you think about yourself?
    • What do you think about your spouse?
    • What do you think about your spouse's emotions?
    • What do you think about your response?
    • What do you think is the purpose of your marriage?


    Be assured, this book is not a stuffy textbook; it's full of humor, real-life examples, and practical application. Whether you love marriage books or hate them, this book holds a fresh perspective on marriage for everybody, offering even the biggest skeptic a relevant takeaway.

    You can change your marriage by changing your thoughts. It's simpler than you think.

    Location: Evergreen Christian Center

    Time: Sunday Evenings, 4:00-5:30pm

    7 weeks

    KidCare Provided

    Start Date: January 29th

    (no meeting on February 12th, Super Bowl Sunday)

    Ends March 19th

    Please read Chapter 1 before the first meeting on January 29th.

    Questions? Contact N[email protected]

    Registration Closes Thursday, January 26th.

    Once you have registered, books are available at Info Central on January 15th, 22nd, and 29th!


    This Winter, Women are invited to join a group as we dive into a study on Amos!

    Amos is often called a prophet of doom. And when you begin to read his prophecy, it doesn’t take long to realize that nickname fits. On the surface, his prophecy doesn’t sound like a happy formula for the good life. However, every condemnation he gives serves as an invitation, a cry for us to “seek God and live” (Amos 5:4). You’ll be invited to live assured, faithful, chosen, humble, justly, prayerful, and hopeful. This kind of living will bring us and others around us peace and true prosperity.

    In this 8-session study of the book of Amos, learn how God's sovereign care prompts us to care for others—displaying true righteousness, not just religious ritual. Uncover the connection between the God life and the good life as you open the invitations to live assured, faithful, chosen, humble, justly, prayerful, and hopeful.

    Amos is promoting the God life, and, the God life is the good life!

    Multiple group times are available!

    Monday Evening

    Time: 6:30-8pm

    Tuesday Morning

    Time: 9:30-11am

    Wednesday Evening

    Time: 6:30-8pm

    Questions? Contact Women's Pastor, Ilcian Gomez-Lemus, at [email protected].

    Register Here

    Books will be available to pick up on Sunday, January 29th!

    Groups begin the week of January 29th

  • men's groups

    Monday Evening

    (SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer & Conversation)

    This group will be using the SOAP method to study Genesis!


    Leaders: Tom Taylor & Misionare Misa

    Location: Evergreen Christian Center

    Time: Every other Monday, 7:00pm – 8:15pm

    Start Date: February 6th

    To Join, Contact [email protected]

    Tuesday Morning

    (SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer & Conversation)


    Leader: Jon Kellerman

    Location: Insomnia Coffee by 53rd Park | 5389 E Main St, Hillsboro

    Time: Every other Tuesday, 6:15am - 7:30am

    Start Date: February 7th

    To Join, Contact [email protected]

    Wednesday Evening

    (SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer & Conversation)


    Leaders: Carl Bronson & Carlos Gomez

    Location: Jersey Girl Pizza | 3183 NW Glencoe Rd, Hillsboro

    Time: Every other Wednesday, 6:35pm – 7:50pm

    Start Date: February 1st

    To Join, Contact [email protected]

  • affinity groups

    See below.

  • grief share

    It hurts to lose someone. Leaders, Joel & Lara Peterson will help you in your journey towards joy.

    February 2nd - April 20th

    No meeting March 30th

    Questions? Email Joel at [email protected] or (971) 570-0103

    Register Here


    Relevant topics and authentic conversation as we find and follow Jesus together. 


    Nathan Pursley

    Contact College Pastor, Nathan Pursley, at [email protected]



    This is an opportunity for women to connect, cheer one another on in our journey, and try new things together! Each quarter a different adventure will be posted with the date, time, place, what you will need and the place to meet with an online link to sign up for it. If you want to receive a personal invite for each month’s adventure with a link to sign up, click here. You can be part of one or many adventures—your choice! Every adventure will be beginner-friendly.

    Leaders: Dena Heath & Chelsea Rice

    Join Here

  • crafter's delight

    Open Group, Sign up anytime!

    Want to get crafty, save some memories and meet new friends? Come scrapbook and craft with us! First-timers to veterans to everyone in between are welcome!

    Leader: Susan Ruston

    Location: Evergreen

    Time: First Wednesday of each month


    (There is no cost for this class.)

    To Join, Contact Susan at [email protected]

  • breast friends

    Come join us in a relaxed, comfortable, caring environment to interact with other ladies who have been recently diagnosed, going through treatment or have completed their treatment. 

    Leader: Debbie Vuylsteke

    Location: Evergreen

    Time: Every Third Wednesday


    To Join, Contact Debbie at [email protected]


    Nine weeks of instruction, coaching and encouragement with others who want to

    experience greater peace, provision, and freedom in their finances.

    Start Date:

    January 12th, 2023

    Thursday Evenings 6:30-7:30pm

    Through Thursday, March 9th

    Class Cost: $79.99

    KidCare Available for Birth-6th grade

    Registration is closed for this class. Email [email protected] for more info!