Evergreen Values

Like the early church we value:

  1. INTENTIONAL DIVERSITY We connect and engage men and women from diverse generations, ethnicities and economic contexts.
  2. HONEST COMMUNICATION We openly communicate loving, truthful content.
  3. UNSELFISH RELEVANCE We create services that are challenging, helpful and understood by seeking friends.
  4. EXTRAVAGANT GENEROSITY We give time, energy and money here, near and far.
  5. TEAM We are better together.
  6. GIFT-ORIENTED SERVICE We serve in ways that match our character, gifts, and competence.
  7. MULTIPLICATION AND SENDING We expect to multiply leaders and send them out to plant, pastor and lead in churches in all kinds of ways.
  8. GROWTH-ORIENTED CHANGE We envision, initiate, evaluate and adjust.
  9. JOYFUL CELEBRATION We express faith, hope and love.


We love God and love people. Jesus said the big deal is to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love others.