We all know kids get messy, and babies are no exceptions. Most days, babies go through at least 8 diapers, which costs around $3.00 to cover their bums, every day. This season we are asking our eKids to help raise money to donate to With Love. This local non-profit organization supports foster families by providing safe, clean, quality clothing and supplies for children ages 0-6. Last year they served, on average, 81 children each month. We want to inspire our kids that even small gifts can change their world. We pray that the people who receive these gifts will see God's love for them through our actions. 

Turn in donations from Nov. 6th through Dec. 4th to your eKids class.

Questions? Contact [email protected]


  • Help people take care of their yard, like raking leaves.
  • Sell unwanted items like toys or clothes.
  • Collect cans and bottles and turn them in for recycling.
  • Ask for extra chores to do at home.
  • Offer petcare services for friends and family.